My Lord

“…Ya Allah seperak ilmu telah Engkau berikan padaku, bukakanlah kepada kami hikmah-Mu dan taburkanlah kepada kemi rahmat dan khasanah Mu…”
Sesungguhnya Allah akan meninggikan orang-orang yang beriman diantaramu  dan orang-orang yang diberikan ilmu pengetahuan beberapa derajat.”
(Q.S. Al – Mujadalah : 11)

My lord...
What you determined to the joy and the pain
What you determined to the successful
What you’ve determined….

You did create me as a…
 Everyone says; a great wench
Everyone says; a nice wench
Everybody says; a wily wench
Everybody says; a gorgeous wench

I surrender what I’ve done
I surrender what I wish in praying
Hardly ever pessimistic
Never giving up… in feel desperate

I am just a weak mankind
Used to be laughing…. crying….sad…… glad…..
Needs in of support….. take and give…. love and care
You saw the best there was on me
Lifted me up when I couldn’t reach

You are with me…
Right here… Right now…
My life time...

Giving strength all the time
And in all conscience, who am I without you…..
Scarcely know.... What my life would be ….
In the name of Allah SWT, I dedicated this masterpiece for you all….

                                                                    Paul, SE
A couplet poem is not enough to show
How much I am proud to have you
As my parents…

A heap of gold and diamond is not enough
To give those things back
You have started by saying…”we love you…”
Long day…

No complain of your words
No insist of your speech
Just sacrifice you’ve been doing
In caring for day in, day out…

Being a good human
Being a wonderful child
Being a great daughter
Being a fruitful woman
Is what you want me to be.....

Keeping on my dreams to carry the day
In days to come…well-oiled
The best way to present is...
Honor and Pride

The sun is shining day by day
I rarely heed your advice which it’s timeless
My family
I’m really sorry…

Having been my inspiration
Created a great brainchild
You are what I’m to be…

You all just have one thing

Endless love

And I want to tell you so much…I love you…

You really wished the best of me
This is very considerate of you
Mom & Dad…

                                                                                      Your loving daughter
                                                                                Paul, SE

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